Methodist Church of Southern Africa: Cape of Good Hope Child Care Ministries

We see Jesus with children on his knee as our model for embracing all children. We see Societies embracing children in need of holistic care and protection as a sign of our faith–in–action, of our commitment to championing healing in brokenness We see child care training taking place in every society for all leaders, especially the clergy We see our Societies and facilities being accessible centres of empowerment, where all our resources – human and physical – are being used in partnerships with other key players, irrespective of faith.

The Annual Work of the Child Care Desk is:
i. Allocations: To allocatie The Christmas Day Fund as equitably as possible
ii. Visits: To visit all programs to encourage their work, and learn
iii. Indaba: To hold centralised and regional annual indabas to provide resources and empower the projects, as per the needs expressed in the visits.
iv. Registration: To support the appropriate registrations of all Child Care Projects in the District , both new and old

The Specific Goals for 2015
To establish Circuit Youth Councils throughout CoGH
Get all child and youth workers registered on child protection register
Train safeguarding procedures for Disaster Response
Train in evangelism strategies

Our area of jurisdiction
i. All the creches that receive funding
ii. All the creches that meet our funding criteria but do not apply for funding
iii. All the projects (including residential programmes and aftercares) that want to be considered Methodist ( as per the attached document below).
iv. Disaster Response Hubs in an advisory capacity

Funding Guidelines and Application forms
Funding Guidelines of the Child Care Desk of Southern Africa (Dowload DOC file)
Childrens Fund Application 2015 (Dowload DOC file)
Institutional Competency Assessment(Dowload DOC file)
Policy on effective Financial Management (Dowload PDF file)
Regulations for the organisation and management of Educare (Dowload PDF file)

Children's Act
Children's Act explained – Booklet 1 (Dowload PDF file)
Children's Act explained – Booklet 2 (Dowload PDF file)
Children's Act explained – Booklet 3 (Dowload PDF file)

Methodist Church Children's policy booklet and the children's policy form
Please note that in every church room where there are children, an annually reviewed and signed version of this policy on their own church letterhead must be displayed so that children and their caregivers can contact those who have responsibility for children in an emergency
Children Policy Statement 2013 (Dowload DOC file)
MCSA Children's Work Policy Booklet (Dowload PDF file)

Safe Guarding procedure booklet and three forms
Safe Guarding procedure booklet (Dowload PDF file)
Form 22 – the form you need to fill in when reporting abuse
FORM 22 - report of Abuse to Social Development (under 10) or SAPS (over 10) (Dowload DOC file)
Form 29 and 30 – all children's workers need to be checked against the sexual offenders list, and each minister needs to have copies of their clearance certificates. Addresses as to where to send these forms are included on the forms themselves
Inquiry Form 29 & 30.pdf (Dowload PDF file)

Child Justice Act
I hope none of us ever need this information, but if one of your children gets into trouble with the law, here is helpful information
Child Justice Act 2008 (Dowload PDF file)

Circuit Youth Councils
Please remember there should be a circuit Youth Council established in every single circuit. Here is the documentation to help you start out.
Circuit Youth Unit Draft Working Document (Dowload PDF file)

Indaba 2015
Indaba Invite 2015 (Dowload PDF file)
January Agenda (Dowload PDF file)

Other Resources
Understanding God’s Heart –What God intends for children (Dowload DOC file)
The Church as agent of child protection and development – Resource List (Dowload DOC file)

How to connect with us :

Please contact Rev Carol Walsh, our child desk Convenor for more information
Postal Address 10 Nolte Street, Strand
021 845 7268(o)
084 413 9235(m)