Justice & Service
Below are the organisations committed to bringing justice to our world – we trust you may find it helpful. Please inform us of any organisations which may add value to our mission for justice and service.

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  • Resources

  • The Jesuit Institute South Africa

    The Jesuit Institute is dedicated to encouraging debate on current social issues from a faith perspective and to stimulating critical reflection, research and dialogue. It provides reflection on, and critical analysis of, contemporary social and religious issues from a Catholic perspective. The Jesuit Institute is passionately committed to the training and empowerment of lay Christians, and to the on–going formation of ministers and clergy. | www.jesuitinstitute.org.za

    The Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum

    Established in 2007, the Western Cape Religious Leaders’ Forum (WCRLF) brings together representatives of all the major faith communities in the Province. Under the patronship of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, representatives of the Jewish, Hindu, Baha’i, Buddhist and African Traditional communities are involved in the forum along with all main denominations of Christianity and Islam. In the short time it has been in existence, WCRLF has established the reputation of being a prophetic voice in South African public life. | WCRLF

    South African Faith & Family Institute (SAFFI)

    To see women, men and children live their full potential in a society free from gender based violence where faith and justice are honoured. | www.saffi.org.za

    The Social Justice Initiative

    The Social Justice Initiative is a resource mobilising and advocacy initiative that is committed to building a peaceful and prosperous South Africa by information all South Africans about the importance of social justice – and by raising and distributing funds to support social justice organisations. | www.sji.org.za

    Economic Justice Network

    We are the Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA, the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa. FOCISSA is an ecumenical organisation working with 12 national councils of churches in southern Africa. Our vision is to harness the resources of the southern African region for all of its people, with a view to bringing about economic justice through the transforming agency of Christians compelled by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to strengthen the commitment of the church in its advocacy work on economic justice and the act as a catalyst for engaging people in the promotion of just economic and social structures. The Network will establish mechanisms to bring the experience and concerns of the marginalised and the poor people to the agenda of the church and society. | www.ejn.org.za

    The Social Justice Coalition

    The SJC is today one of South Africa’s newest and fastest growing mass–member based social movements campaigning for safe, healthy and dignified communities in some of South Africa’s largest, most under–developed and dangerous townships. The SJC’s main focus area is Khayelitsha (in Cape Town) – home to approximately 700 000 people, most of whom live in shacks made of wood and metal sheeting. With 11 active branches and over 40 partner organisations, the SJC promotes active citizenship through education, policy and research, and community organising to ensure government is accountable, open and responsive. The SJC is currently engaged in two primary campaigns – The Clean and Safe Sanitation Campaign and the Justice and Safety for All Campaign. It also participates in broader campaigns to combat hate crimes (most notably homophobia and xenophobia), prevent corruption, and protect the supremacy of the Constitution and rule of law. | www.sjc.org.za

    Ndifuna Ukwazi

    The central purpose of Ndifuna Ukwazi is to build a cadre of young leaders through systematic and sustained education and mentorship. | www.nu.org.za

    The South African Human Rights Commission

    The South African Human Rights Commission is the national institution established to support constitutional democracy. It is committed to promote respect for, observance of and protection of human rights for everyone without fear or favour. | www.sahrc.org.za

    Ground Up

    Journalism that makes a difference to people’s lives. GroundUp is a community news organisation. We focus on social justice stories in vulnerable communities. We want our stories to make a difference. When we uncovered corruption at the Department of Home Affairs, the department investigated it. When we reported that the streetlights in Khayelitsha were broken, the City fixed them. We don't only want to report the world; we want to change it. | www.groundup.org.za

    The Right to Know Campaign

    R2K is a coalition of 400+ organisations fighting for our right to know! We reject the Secrecy Bill; we want access to info for communities struggling to hold government to account. | www.r2k.org.za

    Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

    Rape Crisis has a vision of a South African criminal justice system that supports and empowers rape survivors in all of its interventions. Until such time as this vision becomes a reality we provide that support and empowerment. We believe that the rape survivor is the key to a successful conviction and that her empowerment is based on safety, respect, support and the ability to make informed choices as she embarks on this difficult and challenging journey. | www.rapecrisis.org.za

    People Opposing Women Abuse

    POWA is a “feminist”, women’s rights organisation that provides both services, and engages in advocacy in order to ensure the realisation of women’s rights and thereby improve women’s quality of life”. POWA’s uniqueness as an organisation is in providing both services to survivors and engaging in advocacy using a feminist and intersectional analysis. Our work is rooted in the belief that change can only be said to be effective when women’s lives are directly improved through our interventions. We also believe that there is no single route to change, and thus constantly seek new and creative approaches in our programming to achieve the change we seek. | www.powa.co.za

    Embrace Dignity

    A non–profit human rights organisation advocating for laws & social change to prevent all forms of sexual exploitation and violence against prostituted women in South Africa. | www.embracedignity.org.za

    Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce

    SWEAT is at the cutting edge of sex worker advocacy, human rights defence and mobilisation in Africa. SWEAT has determined the discussions on a legal adult sex work industry where sex work is acknowledged as work, and where sex workers have a strong voice, which informs and influences wider social debates. | www.sweat.org.za

    Treatment Action Campaign

    TAC campaigns for the rights and health of people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa and globally. Mission: To ensure that every person living with HIV has access to quality comprehensive prevention and treatment services to live a healthy life. | www.tac.org.za

    CABSA (Christian AIDS Bureau of Southern Africa)

    CABSA guides and supports Christian communities towards HIV competence, through advocacy, information services, training, mobilising and networking | www.cabsa.org.za

    Thursdays in Black

    A campaign of advocacy and solidarity against all forms of sexual and gender based violence. Towards a world without rape and violence. | www.thursdaysinblack.co.za

    I AM (Inclusive & Affirming Ministries)

    IAM works as a catalyst within the mainstream churches towards full inclusion of LGBTI people. | www.iam.org.za

    Sonke Gender Justice

    Sonke Gender Justice works across Africa to strengthen government, civil society and citizen capacity to promote gender equality, prevent domestic and sexual violence, and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. | www.genderjustice.org.za

    South African Education and Environment Project

    SAEP aims to educate, inspire and empower disadvantaged children and youth to take charge of their futures. Mission: SAEP empowers people who are neglected by South Africa’s education system. Through tutoring, support and mentorship, we give impoverished learners the tools to reach their potential and uplift their communities. | www.saep.org

    Equal Education

    Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism. | www.equaleducation.org.za

    Stop Hunger Now

    Our vision is a Southern Africa without hunger. Our mission is transformation through education. Educating our donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and suppliers the part they play in eradicating child hunger. Donated food is used to stimulate and encourage measurable results in Early Childhood Development centres. | www.stophungernowsa.org

    Greenpeace Africa

    Greenpeace is a global environmental organisation, consisting of Greenpeace International (Stichting Greenpeace Council) in Amsterdam, and 28 national and regional offices around the world, providing a presence in over 40 countries. These national/regional offices are independent in carrying out global campaign strategies within the local context they operate within, and in seeking the necessary financial support from donors to fund this work. | www.greenpeace.org/africa/

    Gun Free South Africa

    Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) was formed in 1995 with the aim of making a material contribution to the safety and security of South Africa by reducing gun-related violence. | www.gfsa.org.za