Manna & Mercy

A brief history of God’s unfolding promise to mend the entire universe.

Manna and Mercy USB Flash Drive

Alan Storey has produced an 8GB USB drive on which you will find: 46 videos (5 hours of viewing time) | 92 podcasts (10 hours of discussions with Dion Foster) | a PowerPoint presentation | a guide on how to connect the videos, PowerPoint presentation slides and book | guidelines for adult learning and small group work.

Manna and Mercy: The Book©

Daniel Erlander – author and illustrator of Manna and Mercy© – shares his love of Jesus very delightfully in this book. It is filled with unique illustrations, supported by a revolutionary interpretation of scripture. Together the book and the videos offer a unique look at how best we can be followers of Jesus.

Manna and Mercy: USB & Book Orders

A USB costs R250.00 and books are R75.00 each – all inclusive.Postage/delivery charges are extra and depend on the order.Email orders to takes approximately 10 working days.

Manna and Mercy: Retreats

The Manna and Mercy Book© forms the basis of this innovative teaching retreat that facilitates a journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in one weekend.

The Bible is meant to be an instrument of God to enable abundant life for all the world. Sadly through the ages it has been read, interpreted and used as an instrument of human domination and death. During the Manna and Mercy Retreat we take a fresh look at scripture through the interpretive lens of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and God’s overall call for each one of us to partner with God in mending this fractured world. The hope is that after we have done so, our interpretation and use of the scriptures will be truly liberating and life–giving for all of creation.

Manna and Mercy: Facilitator Training

Training as Manna and Mercy Facilitators is also on offer. Help spread this new and fresh approach to scripture as a way of living by becoming a Facilitator in your own community.

Contact Manna and Mercy

Email Adrienne van der Merwe at to book your weekend Manna and Mercy Retreat or Facilitator Training or to place book and/or USB orders. Please contact Adrienne for any additional information or to discuss your individual requirements.

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Donations are always welcome and deeply appreciated. All income is used to further spread the message of Manna and Mercy.

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The “Jesus Version” of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!

Manna and Mercy brief history (right-clicking on the link and select "save link as" to downloading this PDF file)