The Spirituality Desk of the Cape of Good Hope

Organisations, groups and resources that seek to encourage and enhance worship and spirituality.

Walk to Emmaus

The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge, and equip the local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, communities and places of work. Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace–filled lives to be lived and shared with others.|


Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge.|

Lay Witness Mission

The personal witness of lay people about their discovery of Christ and their life with Him.|

The Bible Society

It is the task of the Bible Society of South Africa to provide affordable Bibles for everyone in their own language and in suitable formats so that all may experience the life–giving message of the Word.|

Manna and Mercy

Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe. A journey from Genesis to Revelation which helps us to look at scripture with new eyes and rediscover how it can become a means of life and grace rather than destruction and death.
Contact person: Alan Storey, via Central Methodist Mission, Cape Town:
Telephone: +27 (0)21 422 2744
Facsimile: +27 (0)21 423 5809

Upper Room Ministries

The Upper Room® is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. They provide literature of all kinds, including daily devotionals.|


Ekklesia is an ecumenical service centre of the Faculty of Theology (FT) at Stellenbosch University (SU) that strives, in partnership with churches, to serve churches, congregations, ministers/pastors and other congregational leaders.|
Of particular interest still in 2015 is the Winter School:

Willow Creek Association of SA

Existing to help churches maximise their effectiveness, especially working with leadership. The resources available from Willow Creek require that you sign up and pay an annual membership fee. |

The Methodist Publishing house

The mission of Methodist Publishing House is to spread the Gospel by making Christian books and other resources available to individuals, churches and institutions and to provide church officers and their churches with apparel and other church supplies. |

John van de Laar

Rev John van de Laar writes Daily Worship and Lectionary Worship Resources – liturgy, music, drama and prayers – for transforming worship in churches everywhere. He also offers training events and speaking events around the topic of worship. |

James Nicolson

Using the Revised Common Lectionary through the church year. James Nicolson, a Methodist minister in Cape Town, writes a Daily Devotional Diary, and curates comments⁄thoughts on scripture and prayers for personal or public worship. |

Angus Kelly

An email subscription list with a scripture reading, thought and prayer for each day, compiled by Rev Angus Kelly, a Methodist minister in Tableview. |

Dave Newton

An ecumenical group which seeks to deepen the contemplative tradition of the church. Programmes include guided 3–day retreats for individuals and groups, teaching missions at churches or with groups exploring a new paradigm of prayer as well as spiritual direction. |

Methodist Youth Department

The youth activities of the Methodist Youth Department. | and

Royal School of Church Music South Africa

The core purpose of the RSCM is musical education for Christian worship. Through its educational mission the RSCM aims to encourage and inspire good use of music, above all in Christian worship. While there is not a Western Cape branch the website gives information about events and resources available through this ecumenical group.|

The Centre for Christian Spirituality

The Centre serves an informal community of people from all walks of life. It represents a rich variety of Christian traditions. It offers the opportunity to discover God in new ways – also to embrace His gift of life and to deepen relationships with Him through meditation and contemplative prayer. |

Holy Trinity Brompton

Based in the UK, Worship Central is a movement of worshippers who want to see the worship of Jesus Christ made central throughout our communities, local churches and the world. There is a free seven session course that looks at some of the big theological and practical issues around leading worship in the 21st Century which can be signed up for and downloaded for use in your local situation.